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Indulge in an array of culinary wonders at Sydney Food Studio. From interactive cooking classes to gourmet food and gin tastings, our calendar is filled with delightful experiences for food enthusiasts of all levels. Scroll through our offerings to reserve a spot in our upcoming sessions, or join our newsletter for the latest updates and exclusive insights into the world of gastronomy.

Join us as we embark on a flavourful journey together!

Agave Allure: A Tequila and Mexican Gastronomy Experience

Calling all Tequila aficionados and food enthusiasts! Get ready for an unforgettable culinary journey as Sydney Food Studio proudly presents an exclusive collaboration with Vanguard Premium Spirits. Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary evening featuring an exquisite four-course dining experience meticulously crafted to complement the finest and most unique Tequilas from around the globe.

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Gin Harmony: A Four Pillars Degustation

Gin enthusiasts, join us as Sydney Food Studio, in partnership with Four Pillars, leads an exquisite tasting of Four Pillars meticulously crafted gins, expertly paired with a sumptuous four-course degustation menu.

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Pizza Making Masterclass

In our delicious Pizza Making Masterclass, you will learn the art to knowing exactly how to make mouthwatering, crispy Pizzas, every time you fire up the BBQ or Pizza oven!

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Seafood BBQ Cooking Class

Our BBQ Seafood class is designed to take the mystery out of how to cook perfectly moist and crispy seafood every time to you fire up the BBQ! We will have you impressing all your guests as you cook up the perfect Seafood feast. 

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Beer & BBQ Cooking Class

Our Beer & BBQ cooking class is the perfect class to learn how to throw that all impressive 3 course BBQ Dinner Party at home where you cover all the food groups and serve a gourmet BBQ 3 course dinner party – and served with 3 matched tastings of  3  premium Australian craft beer.

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Pork & Bacon Masterclass

Almost everybody loves the smoky and crispy flavours of bacon but who really know how it is made and the step and process to achieving amazing bacon every time? We have created a Masterclass that will show you how to breakdown a side of Pork, how to brine and smoke the pork belly into Bacon, cook amazing Pork Belly, smoke the Pork Ribs and create amazing sides and dishes with our house made Bacon.  

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Beer & Smoke BBQ Cooking Class

In a delicious beer tasting session, gain an understanding of the various flavour profiles as well as how it can be incorporated into cooking. Feel proud as you indulge in a four-course meal cooked by you! Leave with confidence and the ability to recreate these mouth-watering dishes at home. 

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Meat BBQ Cooking Class

If you’re a meat lover and fancy yourself cooking steaks and roasts on the BBQ, or if your meat tends to look more ‘charred’ than char-grilled, then our BBQ Meat Class is just the class for you. You’ll learn to cook your basic meats to perfection on the BBQ.

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