Commercial Kitchen

Adjacent to our Kitchen Studio, our preparation kitchen is a high-performing, fully equipped space tailored to meet the demands of productions with complex shot lists and tight schedules. Capable of handling the most demanding shoot timelines, our kitchen enables concurrent cooking tasks like slicing, dicing, simmering, and sautéing while filming. Experience efficiency and seamless production with our kitchen by your side.

  • Features

    • Fully equipped kitchen with ample kitchen space including:
    • 3 x Ovens
    • 1 x Microwave
    • 2 x Double Door Upright Fridges
    • 1 x Chest Freezer
    • 1 x Glass Washer
    • 1 x Dishwasher
    • 1 x Double Commercial Sink
    • 1 x 10L Mixer
    • 1 x 20L Stock Pot
    • 1 x 2.9L Robo Coupe Blender
    • 1 x Small Hand Stick Blender
    • Range of cooking pots, saucepans, frying pans, woks, chopping boards, mixing bowls, chef knives + more.
    • Full list of equipment available upon request.
    • Floorspace of 15 Msq
    • Capacity up to 4 pax
    • Ground Floor Loading Dock
    • Wifi, AirCon + Toilets onsite
  • Versatility

    • Food prep alongside booking of Kitchen Studio
    • Event Catering
    • Producing own food products
    • Social Media Content
  • Pricing

    • Half Day (4 hours) $200
    • Full Day (8 hours) $400
    • A charge of $100 for a cleaning fee will be applied solely if the cleaning checklist is not satisfactorily completed.


Cooking Equipment

We can provide a complete list of all cooking equipment available at time of enquiry. See overview of Features further up the page.

Power Outlets

The Commercial Kitchen has the following power outlets:


  • 3 x Twin Switch Sockets


  • 1 x Twin Switch Socket

Wi-Fi Onsite

There is free high-speed wifi available onsite at all times. Password will be provided at time of booking.

Parking & Loading Dock

Parking is not included for Commercial Kitchen bookings. You can book a cr space for $50 half day/ $80 full day. Up to 3 parking spots available onsite to book.

There is a Ground Floor Loading Dock available to bump in and out seamlessly.


Our studio is located on the ground floor and easily accessible with a large double door from Loading Dock into the space.

Accessible bathroom is also located on the ground floor.