Studio Kitchen

Step onto our state-of-the-art cooking stage, where functionality meets style. With sound control technology for distraction-free cooking and customizable lighting and ambiance options, you can curate the perfect setting for your culinary productions. Whether it's the latest TV show or your YouTube channel, our high-tech kitchen is your platform for culinary excellence.

  • Features

    • Fully equipped designer kitchen
    • Ample counter space
    • Soundproof
    • Fully rigged and ready-to-go DMX controlled lighting package
    • 5m x 6m green screen
    • Purpose built cyclorama measuring 6m wide x 3.2m high
    • Floorspace of 61sqm
    • Naturally lit Green Room + Make-up Area on Level Two
    • Capacity 50 pax
    • Ground Floor Loading Dock
    • Wi-Fi, AirCon + Toilets onsite
    • Add On:
    • Adjoining Commercial Kitchen
    • In-House Catering
  • Versatility

    • Cooking Shows
    • Commercials
    • Cookbooks
    • Magazines
    • Social Media Content
    • Cooking Workshops
    • Product Launches
    • Events
  • Pricing

    • Half Day (4 hours) $600
    • Full Day (8 hours) $1000
    • Cleaning Fee $100
    • For longer term bookings please enquire about pricing.
    • Add On:
    • Commercial Kitchen $200 HD/ $400 FD
    • In-House Catering


Floor Plan

Sydney Food Studio is a 61sqm multi-purpose studio floor with ceiling height of 4.2m and height to grid of 3.65m. The feature of the studio is a designer camera-ready kitchen set with an 18sqm sound-controlled preparation kitchen.

There is also a purpose built cyclorama that is perfect for stills photography, fashion shoots and product shots. Measuring 6m wide, 3.2m high and with a floorspace of 1.9m, the cyc transforms the room yet again, to suit your needs and make the space more versatile.

Scroll up to view Floor Plan.

Studio Kitchen Styling

Yes you can restyle the Studio Kitchen however you like using both our props and your own.

Cooking Equipment

We can provide a wide range of cooking equipment and utensils. Email to request a full list of what is available.

Filming Equipment

Power Outlets

The Studio Kitchen within the Film & Photography Studio has the following power outlets:


  • 1 x Clipsal EY56C532 l 5 Pin 32amp Switched Socket Outlet IP66 l Easy56
  • 6 x Twin Switch Sockets


  • 1 x Clipsal EY56C532 l 5 Pin 32amp Switched Socket Outlet IP66 l Easy56
  • 5 x Twin Switch Sockets


  • 1 x Twin Switch Socket

Lighting Package

At Sydney Food Studio, a lighting package is included in daily studio hire. It contains an extensive wall to wall lighting grid rigged full of DMX programmed key, fill, backfill, set dressing and spots.

The equipment provided will deliver everything you need to shoot within the gourmet kitchen, the giant white concave wall and even chroma key for the green screen.

By pressing a button on the 200+ Series console you have the infinite choice of colour wash and saturated hues possible from the Selecon PLTR1 RGB to the powerful and white-perfect luminaire PLTRIW, the indispensible precision of the SPX Ellipsoidal and the latest lamp and reflector technology of the Arri Studio Cools.

Sound Control

Managing noise transmission and reverberation is one of the most challenging tasks on any shoot, especially when a production is in a residential location or photographic studio, where the environment can be uncontrollable.

To eliminate unnecessary disruptions and transform the studio and preparation kitchen into acoustically controlled environments, Sydney Studio Kitchen has invested in quality construction and superior insulation and absorption products for all walls and door assemblies as well as high-tech solutions for floor surfaces and ceilings.

Green Room & Make-Up Area

A make-up area with dresser and mirror and small clothing rack is available on Level 2 at top of stairs with green room breakout couch area. Bathroom with shower also available on Level 2.


Indulge in our exquisite in-house catering, meticulously prepared by our Executive Chef to offer a delightful blend of easy, nutritious, sweet, and savoury flavours. Choose from our Breakfast or Lunch Buffet, or opt for the delightful Morning & Afternoon Tea selections, complemented by a variety of beverages including juice, tea, coffee, or explore our full bar menu. View our In-House Catering page for more info.

Commercial Kitchen

You can book our Commercial Kitchen as an Add On to use alongside the Studio Kitchen for all of your food preparation requirements.

See Commercial Kitchen for details on the space.

See pricing in table above.

Film Editing Room Onsite

We have two Private Office spaces to book on Level Two if available at time of booking. See Office Space page for pricing. Free Wifi is available onsite at all times.

Wi-Fi Onsite

There is free high-speed Wi-Fi available onsite at all times. Password will be provided at time of booking.

Parking & Loading Dock

We offer one complementary parking spot per booking. Additional parking available at $50 half day/ $80 full day. Up to 3 parking spots available onsite to book. There is plenty of metered parking available on surrounding streets.

There is a Ground Floor Loading Dock available to bump in and out seamlessly.

Booking Times

Half day booking times are 8am - 12pm or 1pm - 5pm.

Full day booking times are negotiable.


Our studio is located on the ground floor and easily accessible with a large double door from Loading Dock into the space.

Accessible bathroom is also located on the ground floor.